“Directory information battle continues between school district, guardians” via Reno Nevada Gazette Journal

This article discusses and grandparent’s desire to prohibit a school board from sharing his granddaughter’s directory with outside groups, such as a church, while still having her involved in school activities, such as yearbooks, class pictures, graduation programs, the honor roll, sports activities, and theatre programs.

“For Sale: Survey Data on Millions of High School Students” via New York Times

The New York Times ran this article about invitations that high school students received to attend an event called the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders. Many students received this invitation because they filled out a school-provided survey that the students believed would help them get scholarships for college.

  • Should states require schools to have opt-in or opt-out options for such surveys? What are the benefits of each?
  • Who should have to provide the opt-in/out, students or parents? What benefit is there to allowing students to choose to opt-in/out as opposed to parents? What concerns?